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One-fourth of Trump’s Cyber Security Council Resign Claiming He is AWOL on Cyber Threats, Threatening Homeland Security

Cyber Report

The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) advises the Department of Homeland Security on cyber security and infrastructure protection.  The NIAC has recently warned that dramatic steps were required to prevent a possible “9/11-level cyber attacks”.

On August 21st, seven of the NIAC’s 27 members resigned en masse, claiming President Donald Trump and his administration is not

adequately attentive to the pressing national security matters within the NIAC’s purview, or responsive to sound advice received from experts and advisors on these matters.

They also faulted the President for giving

insufficient attention to the growing threats to the cybersecurity of the critical systems upon which all Americans depend, including those impacting the systems supporting our democratic election process.

The resigning members also charged that Trump had “threatened the security of the homeland,” by undermining the nation’s moral infrastructure through his response to the violence in Charlottesville and disregard for the threat of climate change to the nation’s infrastructure.

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