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Jeff Sessions Russiagate Questions and Reader


There are several things that are extremely troubling about Attorney General Jeff Sessions getting ensnared in Russiagate.

  • He is the Attorney General and lying under oath as part of his confirmation is a serious matter (a point he emphasized during the Clinton impeachment proceedings).
  • Prior to the Trump campaign, Sessions was a hawk on Russia but has since evolved into the Russia is warm and fuzzy camp as he joined the Trump campaign.  Why is such a position so central to the Trump campaign that all must adopt it.
  • Why was he meeting with Russian officials and why is it that so many Trump allies feel it necessary to lie about ties to Russia.

Keep in mind, that under criminal law,  guilt may be inferred from the act of evasion.


In addition, there is a serious question about whether Sessions is being truthful now.

Sessions should resign and he should be reported to the Alabama Bar.


Jeff Sessions was a leading Russia hawk. Then he signed on with Donald Trump, Vox

But what makes the apparently friendly meetings so remarkable isn’t simply that they are now at the center of another Trump-Russia scandal. It’s that Sessions, for nearly 20 years, was considered among the most reliably hard-line of Russia hawks in the Senate.

That position began to change as the Alabama senator moved closer to candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle. By the time he was fully a member of the Trump team, Sessions had changed his messaging on Russia so notably that it became a point of reportorial interest, with USA Today noting that his “tough talk about the threat Russia poses to the U.S. and its allies in Europe” had “undergone some revisions.”

By Jeff Sessions’ Standard for Lying Under Oath, Jeff Sessions Lied Under Oath, Slate (Mar 2., 2017)

When President Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment in 1974, he said, the message was clear that officials “couldn’t play games with the law and the truth.”

“I hope we haven’t sent a message that’s not as clear,” he said, “that clever people can sometimes get ahead by spinning and not telling the truth. That worries me.”

What you need to know about Jeff Sessions’ Russia talks and US perjury law, Quartz

George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer Richard Painter is also calling for Sessions to step down. Painter told CNN that “based on what I’ve heard thus far, I don’t think he can continue as attorney general. I don’t think he was truthful with the Senate.”

What Jeff Sessions said about Russia, and when, Washington Post (Mar. 2, 2017)

A timeline of events related to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s relationship with the Trump campaign and his own conversations with Russian officials.

The Big Question: Why Were Sessions And Other Trump Officials Talking To Russia?,  Five-Thirty-Eight (Mar. 2, 2017)

There’s one big question we still don’t know the answer to: What were Trump World and the Russian officials talking about? The answer to that question will go a long way toward determining how big a scandal Trump’s Russia ties turn out to be.

135 Congressional Democrats call on Attorney General to resign,  Think Progress (Mar. 2, 2017)

It includes both Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader Pelosi.

Jeff Sessions Is Losing Republican Support Fast, Daily Beast (Mar. 2, 2017).

Sessions’s claim not to recall meetings with Amb. Sergey Kislyak does not pass the smell test, according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is the former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  “Ambassador Kislyak is not someone you easily forget. He is a very large man, he’s got an interesting personality. And you know if you meet with him or talk with him,” she said.

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